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Published in by Electronic Arts, Inc. Itimora 0 детальнее на этой странице. Friendo 0 point. Anyone have на этой странице issues with their creature leash not showing up or usable once the game is running?

BNL -1 point. Haisom 0 point. Doctor who 0 point. Bob 1 point. You can improve the mouse problem by lowering the polling rate of your mouse, if it supports it.

The children not growing up thing is an anti-piracy thing, install the 1. Riff 0 point. Lou 3 points. Does anyone else have a hard time moving their mouse? I put the sensitivity on the highest but moving my mouse is so clunky and I need a lot of time until I can click a specific button because its black and white 2 free windows 10 hard to point at it. Has anyone encountered an issue where приведу ссылку the main models arm, creature, etc.

Kinda black and white 2 free windows 10 a normal or vector map. Do you have any advice on where to dig to resolve the issue? Exsosus 0 point. Logan 1 point. Hey folks, so the game seems to run properly, except one important thing.

Cancelling actions by shaking взято отсюда mouse from left to right doesnt really windows 10 access location free download for me. So as soon i accidentally started to build a road, i couldnt really cancel it and it was all over the map. Any ideas how to fix that? DefunFoo -1 point. Full disclosure – i have no idea if i installed everything correctly. That being said, has anyone else noticed the mouse doesn’t like to move diagonally?

Jelte -2 points. QweferSutherland 0 point. Empallyor 2 points. I followed Blanket’s guide a couple of posts down and the game runs okay.

Some tutorial dialogue is funky but the game is running! Freeman 0 point. It semse like its corrupted now.

Whenever i download it il get to the speech. I’ve played the game today but now i can’t anymore. Oblivious Maximus 3 points. This one does not work from this site. You’ll have problems. What I did is I downloaded from a certain bay where the pirates go. The file is the 4 CD version. It comes with patches 1. Download and install the 1. Do not install the nocd fix. Keep the CD mounted when playing. It works and so far no issues.

No land 5 issue. No children not growing up, etc. Daviddofff 0 point. DES 1 point. Topping 1 point. The now game works perfect on win 10 after the unofficial patch 1. I’ve just started it but if you look in the game files there isn’t посмотреть больше land 5. DES 0 point. Synn Fate 0 point. I read your updated installation guide and there were no file for me the unzip or decompress.

Not that I could find at least. I ended up ignoring it and now its saying I need admin privileges to black and white 2 free windows 10 it I even checked the account settings to verify that I’m the admin.

Pretty sure im going to have to uninstall and reinstall it but before I do that anyone got any ideas on what went wrong? And I do have all the patches downloaded. Watermark 2 points. The game keeps crashing about every half hour of gameplay. Any ideas on soloutions would be greatly apreciated. I run the game but when i try to hit play it exits out. Charlie 1 point. I followed the instructions and installed the game and 3 patches.

Played for a few hours fine with no issues. I closed the game and PC down. When I tried to play again via the shortcut I got an error telling me that it couldn’t locate white.

I ran white. A window opens and quickly disappears. Does anybody know how to fix this? FlopTop 0 point. FlopTop 1 point. My previous comment had some typos and more I could say so black and white 2 free windows 10 is the correction with original text below : This download will work, but for me it took not just the 1.

One additional note. Нажмите для деталей order to fix this get an older mouse that doesn’t poll so quickly [keep in mind we are not talking about dpi here; ссылка на подробности metric] OR if you are lucky you have a logitech newer model mouse that supports logitech g hub.

I’m sure other mouses have similar settings in some third party programs that will allow for this polling fix. I have not played to or past map 5 so I will update with any problems from there. I just wanted to get it running properly. One additinal note. Newer mouses black and white 2 free windows 10 whatever have polling times that are far too high for the game to handle and it will cause almost umplayable jitter in the movement of the God Hand. In order black and white 2 free windows 10 fix this get an older mouse that doesnt poll so quickly OR if you are lucky you have a logitech newer model that supports logitech g hub.

Completely removes the God Hand jitter and instability issue. Yellow 1 point. Have anyone else noticed that files for Land 5 are missing? Shaw 2 points. Black and white 2 free windows 10 so much for this I found my old cd but it way to scratched up. Sawe 0 point. Addition: The 3rd patch can be found with a link in the comments, I also installed it, but the game still crashes at the same place. I have the problem that as soon as I have finished island 7 and want black and white 2 free windows 10 go to island 8, my game crashes after I leave the window with my island statistics.

Does anyone have an idea? I also disintalled and reinstalled it again according to the old instructions here, the 3rd patch is missing and copied my savegames. The problem remains :. Black and white 2 free windows 10 Shaw 0 point. Jarad Shaw 1 point. Tim 0 point.

The problem I’m having is that the white. Is there a solution to this problem?



Download Black & White 2 (Windows) – My Abandonware

Well, er, it’s a bit Age Of Empires really. Hope this helps!


Black and white 2 free windows 10


Released in on Windows, it’s still available and playable with some tinkering. Xplicit -1 point. Found a working CD-Key so you don’t need to crack it. Just mount the image and play. Artticus 0 point. Just a heads up for anyone who is getting this before playing base game. Murphy 1 point. Zuki 0 point. I think I need a patch of some sort. But noticing the patches that I had to download and apply in order which fixed it.

I need a patch for Battle of the Gods. Please and Thankyou. Judas Escariot points. Ziggy 3 points. Just a guy 0 point. Then extract the iso from winiso to a folder and mount it from there.

SynnFate 1 point. So I don’t have the actual disks or the box they came in for this game anymore, but I need the code to download, anyone know how I can get one or bypass it? Xenovista 5 points. I extracted the files and there’s a “reloaded” system information file, rld-botg. What are these? Omini 0 point. I had an issue with the mouse sticking in the base game, however I went to options and increased the mouse sensitivity and that seems to have sorted it.

Perhaps that could fix the issue you’re having, too. Anyone else having an issue with the cursor being slow and getting stuck at times? N 0 point. Just google, “How do I get administrator privileges on Windows 10? Andykholokmeng gmail. Hi, I had downloaded the Black and White2 and it prompted that ” please login with aministrator privelege and try again” access denies!!! I really felt so helpless and is there anyone can help me with this issue please??? Baelemue -1 point. Managed to get the game to work but there’s chunks of the land missing wherever I go.

Anyone got a fix? Skelm -2 points. Is there a multiplayer option yet? Donninator 4 points. Update: I downloaded the patch for BotG from bwfiles. Donninator 2 points.

Donninator 3 points. I unzipped the files, and was left with a folder containing: Reloaded. I even opened as an administrator. But after I clicked Play, it just closed down. It didn’t indicate that the game was starting, or anything. I tried ejecting the drive, and opening the other folder. I tried repairing, and when that didn’t work, I tried troubleshooting compatibility, which didn’t change anything. I’ve just about scoured the internet to find a solution, but either I’m blind, stupid, or it was nowhere to be found.

I am not tech savvy, by any means, so some help would be much appreciated I’m using Win10 As I finished writing this, i noticed the abandonware guide, right above the “write a commment” section. I read it through and followed the instructions, running it with D-Fend Reloaded, but it only said that it was a windows executable, and thus it couldn’t play it.

I clicked ok, and it seemed to start anyway, but nothing happened. Idk if i’m just stupid or what.. I tried running the. For everyone saying there isn’t any CD key, once you’ve mounted the ISO open it up and head over to the Crack folder and then open up rld-bw2botgkg. A person 8 points. BND 0 point. CD Key is missing, would be nice if it was there, or is there another way to install this? Martin 2 points.

Fox 2 points. Mountit 4 points. Even though there is no iso you can still mount the. CB7 8 points. Ortega -7 points. Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like.

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