In today’s fast-paced business world, the design of your workplace space is an effective instrument for achieving success. A well-designed office interior improves productivity and employee satisfaction while also reflecting your organization’s values and culture. At Furnitech Kenya Limited, we understand the value of providing useful and inspiring work environments that foster creativity and innovation. In this blog article, we’ll look at the trends in interior office designs, benefits of interior office designs and some of the best materials for modern workspaces.

Advantages of a well-designed office interior finishes

 Increased productivity

A well-designed office can boost staff productivity by improving layout, lighting, and ergonomics. Workstations, breakout rooms, and collaborative zones should be strategically placed to improve workflow efficiency and foster seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

Reflecting business Identity

Your workplace space reflects your brand and business identity. By combining your business’s colors, logo, and culture into the design, you can create a unified and memorable atmosphere that promotes brand awareness and fosters a sense of belonging in both employees and visitors.

Enhanced staff contentment

Investing in workplace interior design is a clear sign in the company’s dedication to staff well-being and contentment. Comfortable and visually appealing work spaces improve morale, reduce stress, and increase employee retention. When employees feel valued, cared for and supported, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated at work.

Flexibility to changes

Flexibility is essential in modern office design. As work methods and technology advance, your office space must adapt to accommodate these changes. Flexible layouts, modular furniture, and flexible workplaces let your office stay functional and relevant in the face of changing business needs.

Attracting Talent

In today’s competitive job market, a visually appealing and inventive workplace environment can be an effective recruiting tool. Companies that value creativity, teamwork, and employee well-being attract qualified candidates. A well-designed office interior can help you differentiate yourself from the competition and attract top talent to your firm.

Materials used for modern office interior design finishes

Sustainable Wood

Using sustainably sourced wood in your office design brings warmth and natural beauty to the space. Wood lends timeless elegance to desks, shelving, accent walls, and floors while also promoting environmental friendliness.

Art inside a waiting bay in an office in Kenya with different interior design finishes materials used to complement the room
Art inside a waiting bay in an office in Kenya with different interior design finishes materials used to complement the room


Glass partitions provide a sense of openness and transparency while still maintaining privacy and acoustic control. Glass allows natural light to flow freely throughout the room, resulting in a cheerful and welcoming ambiance to both office staff and the visitors.


For a long time, concrete was limited to industrial environments. In recent times, concrete has emerged as a versatile and elegant material in modern office interior design. It’s rough, minimalist style adds a touch of urban elegance and industrial beauty to contemporary offices. Because of its raw and sophisticated appearance, concrete is a popular choice for contemporary office interior design. You may use this beautiful and adaptable material in a variety of settings, including reception and the restroom.

Natural stone

Natural stone possesses ageless elegance and enduring beauty. Natural stone, from smooth marble worktops to rugged granite flooring, elevates every office with a touch of richness and refinement. Harnessing the inherent beauty of natural materials produces inspiring and effective office spaces, transforming your desk into a haven of style and productivity.


Aluminum, with its versatility, durability, and elegant appearance, has emerged as a popular choice for modern office settings. Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion. It develops a thin oxide layer on the surface when exposed to oxygen. The oxide coating prevents aluminum from rusting. Furthermore, it gives the office a sumptuous aspect and an environment favorable to working.


To build modern and environmentally conscious office spaces, designers are turning to novel materials that not only improve aesthetics but also support sustainability. Among these materials, bamboo stands out as a versatile, renewable, and visually appealing option that is becoming increasingly popular in office interior design.

Recycled plastic

Recycled plastic, which was formerly deemed garbage, is now emerging as a versatile and environmentally friendly solution for workplace interior design. Furnitech Kenya Limited is dedicated to developing sustainable solutions that enhance both form and function.

Furnitech's team posing for a photo inside the office.
Furnitech’s team posing for a photo inside the office.

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