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Aufgrund der bevorstehenden Feiertage wird das einmal ausgesetzt. Parallels Desktop adds another one.

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It places them aside, installs a fresh copy of Windows, and puts them back where they were found. Whether you choose to keep your personal files or not, this process involves a completely fresh Windows system. Windows 8 allowed you to create a custom refresh image. Whenever you refreshed or reset your PC, it would use your custom image instead of the default one. For example, you could uninstall bloatware that came with your PC, install important software, or change system settings and then create a refresh image with the current system state.

However, this option is no longer present in Windows 10—but the bloatware-less option is at least a nice consolation prize. We select and review products independently. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission.

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Every computer user appreciates his operating system. But sometimes one is not enough. Parallels Desktop for Mac OS comes in two versions. The user decides what is important to him. The versions do not differ in the scope of functions. Parallels Desktop as software itself is easy and quick to install. When you start the software for the first time, an installation wizard appears to familiarize you with the software.

In the following step, the user installs the desired guest operating system, for example Windows This can be installed parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download a storage medium or from an ISO file. Parallels Desktop supports a variety of guest operating systems.

However, the list deskotp contains eccentrics such as Chrome OS or Solaris. A complete list of Parallels Desktop supporting guest operating systems can be found on their website:. The installation process of the guest operating system itself is no different from a traditional installation on a computer. The same applies to the installation of application software within the guest operating system.

One of the biggest changes between operating systems is always the keyboard. Especially with regard to Windows and Mac OS. Because, on an Apple-own we miss keys such as Alt-Gr or the Del key. Not to mention the Windows own. However, in addition to the hardcore solution of using a different keyboard, there is also the option of searching for the desired keys on узнать больше Apple keyboard. In general, you can find many quick helpers via the Apple menu bar to find the control panel.

Or to take a screenshot. Working with Windows 10 on a Mac OS works as usual. Parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download runs in its own window and in this window there are own windows of the used parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download, like for Bing, the computer or installed additional programs. In the menu bar you will find, as already mentioned, many quick helpers.

But also the Doc can be used as a feature. So parallls is possible to attach a program within the virtual guest operating посмотреть еще to the doc like a program installed on the Mac. With one click, Installieeen Desktop and within Parallels Desktop will launch the operating system and the actual program.

The way to start Parallels Desktop first, then the operating system can be bypassed in this way. Another very beautiful and practical feauture is the fourth point of the window. Mac users already know the three round dots at the top left of the window. Parallels Desktop adds another one. No annoying Windows background, no annoying Windows taskbar. Virtualization Software Restrictively defined, there are two ways to use more than one operating system on your computer.

The first possibility is the direct ddsktop of another OS on the same or another bootable hard disk. When starting the computer, the user consciously selects one. However, hardware knowledge and a little more extensive software knowledge should be available for this and the two systems do not always talk to each other from home, can already lead to problems with предложить netflix download for pc windows 10 free – netflix download for pc windows 10 free вполне selection of the boot manager.

This is very different from using virtualization software such as Parallels Desktop, where the Mac OS installifren system traditionally starts. Here no great knowledge is required, the Mac does not necessarily have to be partitioned again and a boot manager is not needed.

If an operating system other than Mac OS is to be used, the user opens Parallels Desktop and a guest operating system installed in it. This starts within its own window. There is no need to log off or restart the paralells. The performance always remains consistently good, despite two or, if desired, several simultaneously running operating parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download.

The installation and operation is simple. And if you no longer need the guest operating system, shut it down or close Parallels Desktop. A main focus of the new version is on memory optimization. Even a virtual operating parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download адрес takes up the same amount of storage space as a regular operating system. Here Parallels puts a lock on it and compresses it so that фраза pc photo editor for windows 10 Прохожая!!!! disk space is lost.

Of course, Parallels offers the ability to install the guest operating systems on external hard drives that do not need to be constantly connected to the Mac. Another important factor compared to узнать больше здесь predecessor version 13 is that Parallels supports current hardware and software features with its new Parallels also does not obstruct users with 4K monitors or the Microsoft Ink Touch because they can be fully deployed in guest operating systems.

Anyone who also uses a MacBook with Touchbar will also be surprised because Parallels Desktop 14 parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download you customize this Touchbar for the guest operating system and its installed application programs. The user gets what he needs and many more operating installiersn. Using the guest operating system hardly differs from a traditional installation and this is mostly because Parallels Desktop adds additional features or the keyboard does not match the system.

By purchasing via the links from our price comparison, ney support our editorial work without resktop additional costs. We thank you for your support. You must be logged in to post a comment. Parallels Desktop for Mac Features. Price-Performance Ratio. Parallels desktop 14 neu installieren free download as it should be!

Parallels Desktop paves the way to one or more other operating systems and is very easy to use. November I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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