Ceilings are often an overlooked element in interior design, but they have the potential to transform a space dramatically. Furnitech Kenya Ltd, with its expertise in ceiling design, is here to help you discover innovative ideas for creating ceilings that soar above the ordinary.

One creative approach is using unique materials. Furnitech’s designers can introduce you to materials like reclaimed wood, metal panels, or even fabric. These materials add texture and character to your ceilings, making them an integral part of your room’s design.

Ceiling patterns are also gaining popularity. Coffered, tray, and vaulted ceilings can add depth and visual interest to a room. Furnitech Kenya Ltd can suggest the ideal pattern for your space, whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look.

Lighting plays a crucial role in ceiling design. Furnitech’s experts can guide you on the strategic placement of lighting fixtures, including chandeliers, recessed lights, and cove lighting, to create the desired ambiance in your room.

Color can be a powerful tool in ceiling design. A painted or patterned ceiling can add a sense of drama and sophistication to your space. Furnitech Kenya Ltd can help you choose the right colors and designs.

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